Extra Activities

Extra – Curricular activities are an essential part of the education environment. It has been integrated into almost every school & college. These activities are a pivotal tool for personality development.
The institutes coming under the Shri Satguru Bhuriwale Garib Dassi Education Trust have Volleyball ground, badminton court, Kho- Kho ground, track, modern equipments for physical exercises and provides facilities for games.The mission is to inspire preparing teams to participate in State, National level and Punjab University tournaments.
Youth Festival
Students are encouraged to participate in youth festival. Youth Festival is an annual gathering of Youth with several activities including competitive ones.
National Services Scheme
The program aims to inculcate social welfare in students and to provide service to society without bias. NSS volunteers work to ensure that every one who is needy gets help to upgrade their standard of living and lead life of dignity.
Seminars and lectures are arranged by institutes to develop skills, enrich knowledge and give information to the students regarding social evils, deforestation, save water and many more.The students are motivated to participate in Sports, music, seminars and social welfare activities to learn the importance of leadership, self-confidence and decision making traits to be inculcated in their personality