Patron means His Holiness Shri Maharaj Brahma Nand Ji Bhuriwale 3rd Head of Sacred Sect of Maharaj Bhuriwale Garib Dassi (Shri-Shri 1008 Maharaj Braham Sagar Ji) and includes his Successor’s .

Satguru Brahma Nandji Bhuriwale, (1912-2002), Founder Patron of Maharaj Bhuriwale Garib Dassi Education Trust was a Saint with a difference as he preferred building “Temples of Knowledge” (educational institutions)”services to humanity” along with spiritualism.

He has been urging his disciples to donate generously for setting up schools and colleges in remote rural areas for the benefit of the poor, especially girls. Besides, he has been mobilising his disciples and devotees to set up hospitals and organise medical camps in villages.

Swami Brahmanand ji often says: “Mar jaoon mangoo nahin apne tan ke kaj, paramarth ke karan mohe aaye na laj.” (I will prefer death to begging for myself but I have no hesitation in begging for the cause of public welfare).

To put his preaching into practice, the Maharaj Bhuriwale Garib Dassi Education Trust was founded on 18th June 1984 under the patronship of Swami Brahmanand, which in the beginning set up a degree college at Pojewal District:Nawanshahr, Punjab(India) in the name of Maharaj Bhuriwale Garib Dassi (MBG Government College). The foundation stone of the institution was laid by the then Lok Sabha Speaker, Mr Bal Ram Jakhar, in February, 1985. After constructing the building, the college was handed over to the government. In August, 1986, it was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister of Punjab state (India) Mr. Surjit Singh Barnala.